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How to crack CBSE Class 10 Mathematics

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) might be carrying out the class 10 arithmetic board exam on March 28. India Today Education group has added the extraordinary pointers for the magnificence 10 students to attain full marks within the exam.

How to prepare

  • Study at least 2-3 hours daily
  • Solve sample papers and NCERT thoroughly
  • Maintain separate notebook for the formulas and theorems
  • Solve at least 4 papers a week
  • Sit for three hours a day and complete one paper


The exam consists of:

  • Section A: One mark each
  • Section B: Two marks each
  • Section C: Three marks each
  • Section D: Four marks each


  • Constructions
  • Theorems
  • Mensuration
  • Circles
  • Mathematics progression


  • Attempt 4-mark questions first
  • Then do the 3-mark, 2-mark and 1-mark questions
  • Practice regularly
  • Write down your weakest points on a separate paper which you might need to revise right before the exam

Best of Luck

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