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Tips to prepare for CA Final Exam 2018

Here are few tips for your CA Final preparation.

Use your time wisely

Divide the whole 8 topics over three months to be had for research. 11 hours a day for 90 days way you have almost 1,000 hours to be had which means 125 hours for every concern that is extra than sufficient for doing course 2 instances over.

Treat all subjects same

Might sound simple however you have to realize that all 8 subjects are really worth one hundred marks and you want a score of fifty to clean in each of them. People have a tendency to get awwwed via subjects like protecting consolidation, capital gains, standard costing and forget about subjects / subjects like ISCA (which has were given highest range of zero’s in ICAI history), costing concept (25 marks well worth in 2012), DT and IDT case laws (70 marks well worth in total) and different subjects. So like a mom treats all her kids equally, treat all the topics and topics similarly.

Get Best Faculty video lecture

Best way to prepare for your CA Final exam is studying using best faculty ca final video lectures. This page has best faculty for ca final preparation. These ca final video classes are used by toppers throughout India. You can also get lectures according to subjects like sfm classes.


Research earlier than you purchase a e-book and now not when you read it

Do an intensive research before you purchase a e-book to have a look at and as soon as began be unswerving to it. Don’t soar to different books in between for a few subject matter or do two separate books for equal topic (which as in line with many human beings supply higher knowledge of the topic..BS!). Do handiest one e-book in keeping with subject matter and stick to it. Even if it has some topics badly done universal it is going to be suitable enough in case you put together it properly.

Study as though its a depend of life or dying

In the closing three months look at as if its a be counted of lifestyles or death. Give you complete 7 days of week, neglect all own family and social features, its Ok if you placed on that greater 5 Kg. Once you clean it, it is going to be all worth it :).

Stay calm

You can do it! You can do it in your very own and also you need to are aware of it thoroughly. Once you understand it.. You can do it. Remember the story of a deaf frog who finished a marathon due to the fact he couldn’t listen to human beings demotivating him. Attributable to his deafness he took it as if they are motivating him. Whoever says you can not do it show them wrong with your effects. Trust me that is the best answer you could supply them on their face.

Some people can also find my views contrary to theirs but I wrote the entirety from my private revel in and I very thoroughly trust in it.

Good success!

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